Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fancy meeting you here

So a couple of days ago I was in my room when both househates came home at the same time. My room is over the kitchen so I can hear conversations quite easily. This one went along the lines of:

Witch: hello. How's work going?
Bitch: not bad thanks. You?
Witch: alright. You still with your fella?
Bitch: yeah.
Witch: that's good... Blah, blah, blah for about 20 mins.

Not that interesting really, until they finished the conversation with the words: "well it's been nice chatting. We should figure out when we're both free and have another chat with a coffee sometimes".

Can I remind you these people live in the same house and spend about 6 hours a day in it... At the same time...?!

Wonder whose kettle they'll use?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Flathates will...

Hello you lovely little blog readers. It's been a while, hasn't it. Have you missed me? No?! Well I haven't missed you either. So there. What?!? Why am I back? Well, thanks for asking. I knew you missed me really. 

About a year ago my treacherous ex-flatmate decided to ruthlessly divorce me and run off to a nice little bungalow in the suburbs with a boy. This meant that I needed to find a new place to live and promptly moved into the craziest house in the world (and not in a good way). Over the last year my regular social network status updates have left people agog with the mental OCDness of my new flathates and cries of "write a book!" or "write a blog!" (from those friends who obviously think I'm incapable of writing a full book). 

So in the best tradition of US soap opera, here's a montage of the story so far...

The Dobster moves in to what appears to be a nice house with 2 normal women. Smiles and bottles of wine all round.

Cut to a slightly bemused face as the flathates explain that they have their own bathmats, washing up bowls, toilet paper and kitchen bins. 

2 weeks later... a "Flathates will..." cleaning rota appears on the fridge.

Then she is told that she may use the kitchen when she gets home, if no one else needs it (so big of them). 

Cut to more random signs (including a rather soggy one on the shower cubicle). 

And then finally...

A few weeks ago I realised the kettle had a fault. In my naivety (and several years of flat sharing experience), "I'll have to remember to chat to the others about clubbing together for new one" I thought. But no! This is not required. "But why" you shout at your screen?! Well, I shall tell you. Because they have BOUGHT THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL KETTLES AND KEEP THEM ON A SHELF IN THE LIVING ROOM, OF COURSE.

Close your mouth, you're catching flies. 

Regular updates will be forthcoming as long as I haven't suffocated them with their individual clothes pegs. 

Pray for my sanity readers.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Last day of Run December

Charlie gets in da groove

Well, it's done. There were times there were I wasn't sure I was going to finish it, but my natural stubborness kicked in right when it was required and drove me on through the snow with gritted teeth and a complete lack of self-preservation.

The rest of Team #FitTwits have all completed with smiles on their faces and happy hearts. We are invincible guys!

The final total for the month is 68 miles. Not far, but then Run December for me was never about miles, it was about mindset.

I have spent the past few months, since the marathon with the words "I don't have time. I'll run tomorrow" firmly on my lips. Run December was about shaking that up and doing something drastic, before the marathon training started in earnest.

So has it worked? Not 'arf.

And what have I learnt?

1. You can always fit a run in. You just might have to give it a bit of planning.
2. You can always run. If wind, rain, sun, snow and ice haven't stopped me, nothing else will.
3. I love rest days. And I will appreciate every single last one of them in the next few months.

The celebration of finishing has begun with a pub lunch, a pint of cider and now the breakout of Charlie, my xmas ipod-playing, groovin' monkey friend. And tomorrow I get to have a rest day and cheer the lovely Hughesy on round a New Years Day 10k. Ahhhh rest days.

Take it away Charlie... "I'm livin' for the weeeeekeeeend...."

Run December - Day 31
Distance: 3.54miles
Time: 36.38mins
Weather: Warm and dry, for  change
Surface: Triumphant

Here's a tear in your eye.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 30 of Run December

I can't quite believe I'm almost at the end of Run December. I'll probably miss it.The past 2 days have seen me running the exact same route, but maybe not in the same way.

Wednesday is run-down-to-the-park-and-back-again night, so a man in camo can make me do sit ups in a muddy puddle. The run down to the park is (for obvious reasons) a lot quicker than the run back again.

Today was a run to the park again, but this time chasing Hughesy, who is considerably faster than I am. So the challenge tonight was to keep him in sight for the whole route. It seemed to work and he kept me a good 1min 40secs faster than last night. Might have to employ him as my pace setter.

So tomorrow is the last day of Run December. It's going to be another 3miler I think, chasing Hughesy again. Oh yeah, and then I've organised a celebration of finishing the challenge with a night of drinks and fireworks. Working title for the celebration is NYE. Join in if you like.

Run December - Day 29
Distance: 3.06miles
Time: 30.41mins
Weather: Awright

Run December - Day 30
Distance: 3.01miles
Time: 29.04mins
Weather: 8C...cor phew, wot a scorcher
Surface: Pedestrian

Here's mud in your eye.